Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last Night

This is my best friend Jenni. She's on Northland's basketball team and they just got all their gear for the season. She was super excited about the  uniforms and the traveling gear but realized that all the team's duffel bags were exactly the same. She came in my room last night asking if I would make her something to go on her bag so she could tell it apart from the rest without looking inside each and every duffel bag.
I was very excited at the needed to be something unique just for Jenni, and had to be finished before 8am the next morning (before they left for their first away game).

I came up with this...

It's a little plushie of the number 25 (her jersey number) with a little ribbon loop so Jenni can attach it to her bag. 

I'm really happy with how it turned out...I loooove buttons and tried to pick her favorite colors.

I was having fun taking pictures of my little creation...

just one more ok?

So while I was doing that, Mike and I sat in the hall and he practiced his history lesson on me (it's due today). I know he'll do great, I wish I could be there for the real thing.

He's a senior this year and I'll be sad when he leaves. I still have a wee bit to go before I can graduate, but I'm sure he'll be calling a lot next year to help me with homework (he's so smart)

This is one of the flowers that I've made. I've only sold one so far but I guess that's because I haven't really been advertising them. Maybe later I can get more pictures up...

Oh! I just found some!

Anywho...I need to get working on some homework!!!


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