Tuesday, September 28, 2010

100 Posts!

Hey Everybody! This is my 100th blog post.
Here I was on a typical Tuesday morning about to make a post fearturing my awesome weekend and lo and behold I see this is my 100th post. I don't know about you but that made me smile.
You know what this calls for....BALLOONS!!!!!!!

Ok, now that I've celebrated enough, let met tell you about my weekend.

The History Department here at school took all the history majors to a civil war reinactment day and I got to tag along! (tottaly beat last year when I had to spend Saturday by myself while Mike was gone on the trip)
Anyway, the day was full of activities and comepletely awesome. Here are some pictures we took...

I have a couple of hats like this...I'm just not sure where or when to wear them...

I had to stop and take pictures of this gorgeous senery, Mike smiled at me and said "you'd think she's never seen a flower before!".

Let me just say that it was pretty awesome and fun learning all about the civil war and the people who lived int hat time period. If you've never really gotten into history you've missed out. These people lived in an entirely diffrent culture and it's rather intersting to learn about them...maybe people will think that we're interesting to learn about in years to come...

Mike bought me this yarn. Scroll down for the story...

Of course this little tent caught my eye. The lady who runs this little set up raises her own sheep and makes yarn from their wool. She had all kinds of colors and textures. I bought 2 natural "samples". One from a white lamb, and one from a black lamb. I'm not sure what I'll make with them yet...whatever it is it has to be epic! Any ideas are appreciated.

Wodden Spools...can't wait to edit this photo.

That's all for now guys; I have a ton of pictures from Saturday that I'll try and put up later.
I hope you had as much fun on your weekend as I had in mine!

Bye Bye!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to School

I've this is about my 3rd week back at school and let's just say...it's good to be back.
I really missed my friends, and this whole place. I didnt know if I was going to be able to get back to school because of getting so sick, but I've been allowed to return as I follow these conditions.

1. maximum of 12 credits
2. no sports, plays, rough housing
3. lots of rest
4. no stairs, only elevators

Things are diffrent this year because of being sick, and that had me down for a while but I've decided to just let God play out his plan for my life and enjoy what he has given me now.

So because of the 12 credit load I have Tuesday and Thursday entirely free! No classes twice a week!
And, I'm vice president for my society so I've been able to work on lots of projets for that while sitting on my bed or on a couch as not to wear myself out...but what I really wanted to show you today was a few tips I had for room decorating.

Little Pretty Trinkets add a special charm to the side of my sink.

Never underestimate the power and efficiency of hooks. You can get those removable kinds that come right off when you're done with them. They really help to organize and therefore...make a prettier room!

These owls are on the wall that my bed it up against. I didn't have a headboard...so the space was just too empty.

I drew these myself (obviously...they aren't that wonderful)

I think I'll make more of these....

My wall of happy memories...ahhhh

I hope that you all have a wonderful Tuesday afternoon!