Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NEW Sister Site

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. ~C.S. Lewis

I've very recently gone into a tea craze here at college. I don't like the taste of coffee and I really don't like the effects it has on people, so I've turned to tea.
I prefer Herbal tea, it's just so soothing.
Anyway, I have some hours to spare every few days so I came up with "First Sip: Always the best" (because the first is always the best one) This website is basically a blog where I find great deals on teas, pots, cups, accessories, ideas for parties (young and old), recipes for sweet treats to accompany your tea, and cute quotes/poems about tea.
Please feel free to advertise any of my blogs on your own website! (hint hint...more are to come)
Just e-mail me at brittany.pelletier@ni.edu for a custom banner to post on your site!


Monday, March 29, 2010

How I Personalized My Dorm Room

Put pictures up of loved ones on the wall with sticky tack. Don’t just place them all in a neat row, get creative. Organize them by color, arrange them in words or a fun shape, and even use them to frame a window or mirror.
Shelves…get them. They will come in handy when you need a place to stick all your textbooks and what not. Try to get some fun colors to brighten up the place, or organize all your books by color on the shelves (this makes them easier to find too).
*tip- you can make shelves quickly and cheaply by stacking crate boxes on top of each other.
Put up Christmas lights to add lighting at night or early in the morning. I don’t recommend the flashing ones, they tend to get rather annoying after a day or two.
Sticky hooks, you can find these at wal-mart or any other hardware store. These hooks are not permanent so most colleges won’t have a problem with them. They can be used to hanging bangs, hats, scarves, and Christmas lights.
I love to decorate my mirrors for the seasons with my white board markers. They ink washes right off with water or Windex. This is my ultimate creativity tip for any dorm or bed room.
Not allowed to paint but want fun wall decals? Use cardboard or construction paper cut into fun shapes, then sticky tack them to the wall. You can do a wide range of things, and any size! I saw one room where they made a garden theme with trees, plants, birds, and flowers. So pretty.

So that’s it for now guys. I’ve used these tips and tricks in my own room and get lots of complements when people come over to visit. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why No New Posts?

As you can see, it's become very hard for me to post something new and interesting every day.
College is keeps me very very busy, so I've decided that I will not waste space on the internet with boring, short, uninteresting posts every day; but instead I will post once a week.
I will try to make this "one a week post" interesting and worth reading.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday- My Random Day

Hmm, What to write about today.
Again, the sun is shinning out side and the weather is really starting to warm up. Mike and I even did our homework outside on the picnic tables.
We even got to see some little baby squirrels running around gathering food.
After a while we went down by the dock and had a nice little talk about the random things in life.

I will try to write more today, but now I have to start taking notes in class!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Is Coming

The cool fresh air, soft green grass, bright flowers springing up everywhere, and birds singing again.
I'm very much ready for it to be here. The weather here has been slowly warming up; I no longer am in need of my parka. In fact, today it's warm enough to explore the outdoors in a knee length skirt, loafers, and light hoodie.
Seeing all the green appearing everywhere and the snow slowly retreating brings joy to my face.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moshi Monsters

Hey Everyone,
As you may know, I'm still a little kid at heart, and playing games online really does help me take a breather from writing a paper or something. Games tend to be a good stress reliever.
I found a new game yesterday that I want to share with everyone.
It's called Moshi Monsters.
It's a game where you can "adopt/create" your own monster and play with it.
You can dress it up, play games, talk to other monsters, get a room, win prizes, all kinds of stuff. If you like neopets as a kid, then you'll like this too.
I uploaded some screenshots from when I was playing today.
You can get this game out by clicking here.
Have Fun!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Movie- Wall-E

I love the Pixar movies, and Wall-E is, by far, my favorite one yet.
I found it interesting how the first half of the movie contained no dialog but the animators did such a good job that the the viewers can tell exactly what the robots are saying and thinking.
Obviously a robot is a machine and has no emotions or life in the real world, but giving Wall-e and Eva human features was rather cute.
The color themes used in the movie where very clever as well. The Earth has an earthy brown orange tone to it, making it seem dirty, while the spaceship was blue, white, a rather clean and futuristic look.
Despite the whole theme of "Man is killing the Earth!", this is a rather funny movie that I think is great for families and couples to watch.

Wall-e Fun Links

Cute Puppy

see more dog and puppy pictures

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday- Not too shabby actually

Hey Everyone, I've got a massive post for today.
We'll start out with some "Favorite Things" then move on to a poem that my awesome brother just write last night.
Very moving.

1. Cute little piggy banks stuffed with quarters for laundry and snacks!

2. Pretty little notebooks for writing down my thoughts during the day.

3. Cheez-Its, so yummy, I love munching on these while studying for a test

4. Crayons, never know when some creativity will come along...

5. Goldfish, we happen to have a little fountain with some goldfish in the library here at school

6. Clean laundry!!!!
This doesn't happen very often because my piggy is on a diet...

7. Lucky Charms!
Nom nom....so yummy!

8. Scrabble, even if I'm not good at it, I still enjoy it very very much.

9. M&Ms, love to eat a couple of these to keep me awake during class

10. Yahtzee, my boyfriend just taught me how to play this.

11. Yellow bows!
I don't have any to wear in my hair, I should look into getting some...

And Now,
Here's the poem that my brother wrote last night. I'm going to try and get him to start a blog where he can post all this great stuff. He does have some grammar issues and spelling issues at times, but he's learning.
If he ever does get a blog, I will certainly announce it and keep a link up on the right side of the page.

Where are You oh God?

Your people, do they gather abroad?

Your Children, Do they seek THY will?

Your servants, do they serve you still?

Where is Your power?

Do we need some tower,

To rise up and see your might?

You are the God who created man.

You are the God who is suppose to tend.

Your sheep are straying.

Aren’t You the Shepherd protecting?

Wolves have come in and taken us away.

Are you just going to let us stray?

The devil is winning more and more each day.

How can you allow us to go away.

Why don’t you love us anymore?

It seems like your letting us walk out of the door.

God, God, whats happening?

The things going on are saddening

We are seeking “new ways” to be more like You!

But these “new ways” can’t possibly be used.

God Almighty, How can you let this happen?

How can you not be saddened?

Where are the old Judges who direct us in Godly ways?

Where are the leaders who encourage us to stay?

Has that fire burnt out?

Or are these time just a spiritual drought?

God, Father! Where are you?

How long until the day we see you?

God, you know the hearts of all men.

Those who claim to know You don’t stand.

“ Does God really care about …” is their reply,

Yes God cares! How can that be denied?

God, Lord, We need Thee to SHOW THYSELF.

God, I need see you myself.

Early on it was easy to see you.

I had the faith of a child in you.

Whatever Your word said was true.

That word is still the same as it was years ago.

How is it its easier to let go?

Before it was “NO! It’s wrong and not approved by God”

Now its “Why should God care what’s on my IPod?”

Men, woman, and children DIED for their faith.

Is there no more value in Faith?

Has faith become… ordinary?

Because before it was EXTRODINARY!

To die for You use to be honorable and glorious!

Now, serving You is… “Tedious”

Is there less joy now then before,

In serving you maybe even more?

The work is harder since there is no desire of man,

To be like You who would fight and stand!

Stand for your name, honor, and desires!

Now, we concern with celebrities’ attires?

Lord of Heaven, WHATS GOIN ON?

Why is there no honor in pressing on?

Why are we ashamed to announce and proclaim Your name?

Why is it looked down upon to sing which are “lame”?

Is it true God that we need “new ways” to tell others about you?

Is it true that Amazing Grace and Happy Day can’t proclaim what is true?

Why is it that the largest, most popular churches are those who won’t preach the Gospels?

Why it that those we esteem the most is are those with the longest titles?

Lord, God , Father! WHERE ARE YOU?

Where is the … “SILENCE CHILD!”

“ I have been since the beginning when all was mild,

I have been even till NOW and FOREVER will be!

My child, why is it can’t you see?

It is not I which has forsaken you.

It is YOU which have forsaken ME!”


“These ‘prayers’ you ask Me are the same from the deniers.

They ask for Me, but they prepare do not for Me!

How can the farmer prepare his field if the field isn’t ready for the seed?

Son, I have never left you. I have always been there watching over you.

Son, your life is part of the plan which I drew!”

“ Son, YOU are the one who is going to spread me word.

You are the one who is going to tell the truth for those who haven’t heard.

You are the one who has to find joy in serving Me.

You are the one who is willing to DIE for Me.

You are the one who has to desire my ways.

You are the one who has to help those which stray”

“Child, I have done my part in this master plan.

I’ve sent My son to die in your land!

He has taught many to spread My word.

He was the great teacher to all who heard.

He is the role for you to follow in life.

He leads you in your everyday life. “

“Son, how dare you question Me!

It’s not that hard for you to see.

Men have left me long time ago.

It just appears more and more to show.”

“Child, I need you to stand for Me.

For without you many will not see.

Go, and tell all the news.

That I am still God who reigns and rules!”

Father, forgive my selfish request.

Now I understand again my quest.

I will serve and love you Lord my God.

Now, my only simple request that you plant me firmly in the sod.

That I may stay faithful to You, to You myself I lend

To serve and preach your word, all the way, to the end.