Thursday, March 4, 2010

Favorite Things- Mobiles

Mobiles aren't just for hanging over baby cribs anymore. They can be a sweet, simple addition to pretty much any room.
There aren't really any rules to making mobiles. The more creative the better.
It's easy to personalize and customize a mobile by using a variety of materials, shapes, and colors.
Here are some pictures of mobiles that I thought were pretty cool, and below is a link on instructions to making a butterfly mobile.

This mobile is made out of wood, and would appeal to any animal lover out there.

Absolutely LOVE this white one. I think that I might try and make one sometime.

Like I said, using a variety of materials (in this case different kinds of paper) can make a mobile more special and unique.

This one amazes me; the paper art is pretty impressive.

Felts kittens make a cute mobile for a little girls room.

A mobile like this would be awesome in a boys room, and you can use toilet paper rolls for the body of the planes.

Some other mobile ideas...

Make a paper teacup mobile for a kitchen window

Heart mobile to hang on Valentines day or an Anniversary

Snowflake/Snowman mobile for winter months

Ginger Bread People for holiday months

Colorful Alphabet letters to hang in a homework area

Paper Flowers and Butterflies for spring

Get Creative!

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