Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sock Monkeys

Christmas is only days away!!! 

Are you excited!?

I honestly don't have the time to be excited. Most of my time and thoughts are currently being taken over by crochet hooks, sewing needles, paint, buttons, thread, and glue guns. 

(and all of the injuries that go along with them)

I absolutely love giving away homemade gifts. There's so much thought and time that goes into something handmade and it's extremely budget friendly. I do admit that this year has been slightly overwhelming with the mountain of gifts I've decided to make but I'm just trucking along all merrily. 

My sweet, sweet Mike has tried to help me with some of these handmade gifts. He's been a big help.
 Too bad the guy can't sew or crochet yet. Maybe I'll teach him how in 2014? Mike, add that to your new year's resolution K?

Just kidding. I'll just start even earlier next year. 
(yeah right!)

I do want to show you one gift that I made this year. Others can be shown after the wrapping paper has been torn away.

See these awesome socks? I got them for under a dollar a pair off of You can find the exact socks I used by clicking here.You can chose from over 20 colors!

And what did I make with them you ask? Well sockmonkeys of course!

How many did I make? Well let's just say that every one of my preschool students will get one, and I have a total of 9 students. That's 99 cents and 2 hours of sewing per student. I've been a busy, busy girl.

The boys get the blue monkeys and the girls get the green and pink monkeys. I actually had a parent ask me NOT to give his daughter something covered in pink. 

Each monkey is given a unique bow so I can tell who's is who's. No fighting over "that's my monkey!" "not it's mine!". Ha! I have it all on a list in my desk! Take that kids!

I won't show you how to make them since there are plenty of good sock monkey tutorials out there, like this one.

Are you giving anything handmade this year?

What's the best handmade gift you've ever received? 

Leave a comment below and share the Christmas Spirit!