Thursday, March 29, 2012

Help! I need your opinion!

Remember this post when all of the wedding plan were falling into place? Yeah well now it's been struck my lighting and burnt to a crisp...

I'll save you all the long story, but we had to return the bridesmaid dresses and I'm just praying that the flower girl dresses turn out fine. I feel like I'm back to square one since this is the third time I find myself shopping for my bridesmaid dresses. I need something that has thick straps, low backs are not allowed, and the dress must hit the knee. Why all the restrictions? Well most are personal standards and others are church requirements. 

As you can imagine, finding a yellow dress that hits all of those points and is under 100 dollars is wicked hard. Some have suggested to me just getting the girls grey dresses (like the ones above) and adding yellow bouquets and shoes. I have entertained this idea, but grey is such a sad color. The fact is, I love yellow. I've always pictured my wedding with Dad up there marrying my true love and I, with a row of girls behind me in happy yellow dresses. Things have started turning upside down and I've had to let go of some of my dreams. 

I just can't bring myself to let go of the yellow dress. 

So I ask you now...what do you think of this? Is this dress too granny and yucky? Or is it cute vintage? I have to see the print in person before I made a final decision. But please, please, please help me out here and leave a comment below with your opinion on this dress. 


  1. oh I loved the yellow ones! Why didn't they work? Not sure about the new dress you picked out. It does have a vintage look to it, will it be in the floral pattern? I think a plain color will look better than the floral but it isn't too bad. I was looking at using grey in my wedding, and I think if you did decide to use grey with yellow accents it would be super cute, but I understand why that's not your preference. So, those are my comments :)

  2. Brittany, what about matching shrugs instead of straps? That might make it easier. Or you could have someone sew the dresses.

  3. Hi Brittany. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Katherine's sister. Don't freak out about your dresses! I know it's easy to do. I couldn't find dresses that went with our theme and I hated the thought of the girls having to pay so much anyway. So, I just had my dresses made. Their pattern was based off of my dress, so I didn't have to find an extra pattern. But, patterns are easy to find, and a lot of times you can find coupons to places like Joann's. Each girl just bought, or payed me back for, their own pattern and fabric. The lady who made my dress actually made all of theirs too. In the end I think it was a LOT less stressful to do it that way.

    P.S. I like the bright yellow dresses better than the floral one...

    1. I agree that making the dresses is less stress and money. I love the yellow dress idea better than the floral print as well. I love the fact that the yellow shouts lets be happy and celebrate! My sister had her bridesmaid dresses made and I also had my skirt part of my outfit made for my sister-in-law's wedding. I know restrictions can be a pain...but there are other alternatives. I think yellow is too good to let go either...I have to agree! lol :-)

    2. what if we looked for a pattern? THat might be easier and we could look for a fabric that you like, then you know its the right yellow and texture that you want...

  4. I think the dress is kind of cute, but not sure how it would look with all the bridesmaids wearing it. I would say wait it out...keep looking and the PERFECT one is bound to turn up. :) I do think gray with bright yellow accents could be really fun, but if you don't love the idea then you need to find something that you love.


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