Friday, March 30, 2012

Insanity Keeps Me Sane...

Tonight, was a great night! Our Alumni Association people hosted a "Zero Year Reunion" for all of the seniors. The party was very exclusive since you had to flash your alumni card to the "bouncer."
Ok ok, she was some guy's secretary...but anyways we get up to the roof of the parking garage and there are balloons everywhere! Our new mascot is walking around taking pictures, people are handing out popcorn and sodas and was fantastic. We all pick out a spot to sit and watch UP on this giant  inflatable screen...then...

it started the rain.

What a bummer! We all ran down to the fourth floor of the parking garage and waited. Most of us snacked on our food and others just sat right down on the garage floor with their pillows and blankets. Our mascot almost walked into the rain but stopped when my group yelled "Don't go in the rain!!!!!!" 
We didn't want the new costume to get ruined or worse...smell!
Eventually we were told that the movie night was going to be moved indoors. We walked on over to the building looking like a bunch of kids at a sleepover. We all had pillows and blankets and snacks, and got lots of stares. I guess the other students didn't know about our movie night.

My girls and I got the best seats in the house! Right up in front and center. The screen was huge and the souround sound was great. I pulled out my pad of paper and crayons and waited for inspiration. Let me tell you, coloring in the dark is crazy hard! I had to hold up the crayons inches from my face and I still didn't know what color I was using!

My picture didn't just turn out well, it turned into a keepsake.

We all signed it and left little messages to each other. I have been ordered to copy and print one of these for each of us. I plan on framing my picture and keeping it in my home office. 

Drawing the house from UP wasn't the most original idea in the box, but the fact that I did it in the dark makes it priceless (to me anyways). I noticed how little you actually see of the house in the movie. They kept showing clips of the house that lasted only seconds. I had time to draw one line before the camera moved to another angle.

To wrap things up, we had a great night. We really needed a few hours to goof off and forget about homework. SENIOR YEAR IS HARD!!!

But I'm so glad that I have friends like these to keep me being insane with me.

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  1. Marvelous Britt! I'm glad you had a good time. Next movie night... you and me... out on the deck... late at night... listening to the ocean waves (Ok, so it's REALLY the sound of cars passing on the highway)... with... "Les Misérables"... the London version... the one you cried to while watching it on the couch late at night on PBS with your dad... when you were just a little girl. ... It's a DATE!!! ... Love you Stinky... Dad


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