Friday, March 2, 2012

My life through a lense

Since school has been taking up much of my blogging time, I'm giving a "crash" update with everything that's happened in the past few days. Hang on to your hat's peeps!

(p.s. I have no idea were numbers 9 and 10 went?!)

1-2: We had an artist series here on campus, info here, and I got to go with some of my girlfriends. We became friends freshman year, but now that we'll all student teaching we don't see each other much.

3-4: After a crazy week of exams, my roommates and I hit Amanzie Tea for some much needed relaxation. I've never been to Amanzie and I was like a little kid in a toy store. I had to touch everything! I got a small hot cup of Cranberry Acai was delicious!

5-6: Just showing off the flowers that Mike bought me for Valentine's Day. Yes, they are still alive and still beautiful. Do I have a green thumb or what?

7-8: Showing off my pretty navy blue nails. I borrowed some super sparkly glitter nail polish from a friend to layer on top of the navy. It made my fingers look like a stary night sky. 

9-10: Again, I don't know why those numbers didn't appear on my image...but this was from Saturday afternoon. Mike comes to visit me every weekend and this was taken at my last soccer game. He's so supportive and I really appreciate that. I can be exhausted in the middle of a game and get all the energy I'll ever need from one of his "thumbs up!"

11-12: This is also from Saturday afternoon. Mike and I have picked up the habit of reading together. We've been reading what you would consider classic children's books because it's something I really missed out on as a kid. That night we read the entire book of "Ben and Me." Oh yes, and I was crocheting again as you can see!

Here's one more picture from that last soccer game...the one in the red socks is me. 

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