Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chat with Missyelloshoes!

I've recently gotten into IMVU chatting. When you have nothing better to do then lay in bed all day recovering...your laptop becomes your best friend.
Anyway, it's actually pretty cool. You get your own avatar and you get can dress them to look like you and what not. It's fun to meet new people, but I use it for those I already know. I would love to get online and chit chat with some of you guys! Hey...I've got nothing better to do right now!
So go ahead and join, I totally recommend it. Click Here to Join.

Look me up, my name is guest_missyelloshoes. I'd love to chat. 

Hello Hello Hello!

Hey Yall!
So I've been sick with Mono and a Sinus infection since my last post. It's been so bad that I've had to leave my job so I can recover before school starts again. I'll even have to take a much lighter credit load and stay away from sports for a while. Ugh!
I am feeling better now. I've been resting on my bed not really doing much of anything for about a week and a half now. 
I'm thinking a new youtube video is in order...let's see if I can get to that today and what I can cook up!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hair Goodies I've Made!

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Here are the little goodies up for grabs!

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Chinatown FUN

Hey guys,
Hope you're all having a fabulous Monday! 
I had the opportunity to visit Chinatown here in Montreal Canada with my awesome boyfriend Mike. I wanted to share a little snippet of this experience with all of you. 

This is Mike on the Metro "train/bus" on our way to the heart of Montreal.

We had a delicious lunch at a real Chinese restaurant. So good! mouth is watering...

Mike ordered a stuffed crab claw, and this is what came out of the kitchen doors. It was...interesting...

Don't ask me what that is. I have no clue.

This, lovely little gem, is dragon fruit. Looks a little scary on the outside, but tastes like a grape on the inside.

First bite!

He wasn't so sure...

Nom nom nom!

"Eh, not so bad I guess."

What an awesome day. After we went home to eat homemade pizza and cinnamon rolls while watching a movie together. I love having him with me. Long distance relationships are hard, but if both sides love each other and work hard, the relationship can be stronger than ordinary ones.
Besides, not having him around makes every moment I do have with him that much more special. We take not one moment together for granted. Every minute with him is a blessing and wonderful treat!

Sigh...I can't wait until the next time I see his smiling face....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paper Folds

So, if you've kept up with my blog you'd know by now that I love Wall-e. 
Wasn't I in for a treat when I found this cute little project. I plan on making a bunch of these to dress up an empty desk someday...

Print, cut, and fold!

This website (here) has all kinds of characters and objects to print out and fold. Everything from Batman (60's version) to Master Chief (Halo) and even a Nintendo controller. 

Easy Flower Garland!

So easy, no written instructions needed!
Click on the image to make the picture bigger if you're a four eyes like me...

Friday, July 16, 2010

He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me....Yay!

Yes, I've gone a little crazy for flowers the past week. Why? Because for the past week I couldn't get my serger to work. Luckily, Mike came to visit and helped me solve the threading problem (so I'm up and running again!).

Anyway, since I had to resort to hand sewing to calm my crafty itches, I've resorted to sewing flowers. I've used a wide range of materials already, ribbon, lace, buttons, old scarfs, and jeans. It's a lot of fun to mix and match materials to make an assortment of flowers (because no two are exactly the same of course)

This is a rose I made out of lace. I think I can do better if I keep practicing. I've added a hair clip to the back.

I made this black one from an old scarf that's seen better days.

This red one was made to match my society colors.

This has got to be one of my favorites. This black and white one has a hair clip and a pin on the back so I can use it to dress up anything!

See? Cute hair accessory! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Now that the month is half over...

Check out this free July calendar I found. Super Cute huh?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Newest Photograph

Mike and I went on a walk a few weeks ago...he picked me these flowers (so sweet), So here are a couple of ways I've edited this photograph with Picnik.


Version Uno

2nd Version

Sock Monkeys Craze!

Wana make your own? Click below and find out how! 
Get creative! Use different colors of socks, or alter the design and pattern.

Ha ha ha ha!

Old Time Radio Mystery Marathon!

Remember all those old time, black and white movies where the family (or kids of the house) all crowd around the family radio? I loved hearing the old fashioned style of news reports and most of mysteries!
Mysteries have always been a favorite of my mother and I. We used to watch murder mystery/suspense movies together all the time. (she always left a light on) We also love reading murder mystery books, fighting the urge to skip to the last chapter to find out "who done it".
Well, I've found a website that has a bunch of radio mystery broadcasts. They have been playing on my computer all morning. 
I love the suspense, the voices of the actors, and the chills that go down my back as I listen. 
Here is the link to the murder mystery goldmine that I've discovered. 

Have a favorite episode? Tell me about it, just write a little comment below!

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Good Luck