Saturday, July 10, 2010

Old Time Radio Mystery Marathon!

Remember all those old time, black and white movies where the family (or kids of the house) all crowd around the family radio? I loved hearing the old fashioned style of news reports and most of mysteries!
Mysteries have always been a favorite of my mother and I. We used to watch murder mystery/suspense movies together all the time. (she always left a light on) We also love reading murder mystery books, fighting the urge to skip to the last chapter to find out "who done it".
Well, I've found a website that has a bunch of radio mystery broadcasts. They have been playing on my computer all morning. 
I love the suspense, the voices of the actors, and the chills that go down my back as I listen. 
Here is the link to the murder mystery goldmine that I've discovered. 

Have a favorite episode? Tell me about it, just write a little comment below!

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