Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To dye or not to dye

I've recently come to the conclusion that my two best features are my smile, and my hair. I try to have an energetic personality and make everyone around me smile...sometimes at my pride's expense. But I've also gotten many complements on my hair. 
I try very hard to take care of it. I only use Herbal Essence and Aussie products and blow dry on cool. I try not to take hot showers and rise with the coldest water that I can stand (this gives your hair an extra boost in shine). I hardly ever use a flat or curling iron on it, and use leave in moisturizer frequently. I've very proud of the fact that the hairdresser complements on how healthy my hair is every time I get a trim.
But, I have a hidden desire. Way way the bottom of my heart (where all of my other cray ideas are), I have the urge to do something crazy, and dye my hair some bright, unnatural color!

I know that many of you have seen this picture from last year, and it has inspired a few of the bloggers that I know of to dye their own locks.
I don't want to dye all of my hair blue or pink. I just wanna give a few strands of my head a "pop" of color.
But with every great dream worth having, there are mountains to climb.

Mountain Number One:
My parents would absolutely kill me if they even saw one strand of hair an unnatural color.
Different shades of brown, red, or even blonde don't bother them a bit. But colors created by Crayola are off limits.I can just see my mother bursting into tears and my father reaching for the scissors ready to chop off all my hair. 

Mountain Number Two:
I have a wedding coming up. So having streaks of pink in my hair might be pretty cool now, but when I'm 40 or even 50 I don't want to look through my wedding scrapbook and ask "why did you do that you stupid girl!?". I think that the natural look is best for weddings. 

Mountain Number Three: 
I want to keep my happy, healthy hair that I've worked so hard to get! I have diligently gotten it trimmed every 8 weeks and babied it like you wouldn't believe. I'm scared that bleaching and dyeing it would kill all of the work that I've put into it. If any of you know anything from experience please share in the comments below.

So what am I left with?
This full head of long brown hair I guess. 
Mike loves it, so I think I'll be ok with the same old same old.

(for a little while that is... look at what I found!!!!)


  1. Your hair is beautiful. I always wondered if you used the flat iron. For the color: what about popping your natural color with some henna or other natural dyes? I think your hair is pale enough for the color to stay with some henna. And for mountain #2 you can always wait after your marriage to try something. Always do a test in the back of your hair, that way if it's not what you want, you can hide it! I could see you with some red - auburn hair, you have the face of a redhead lol

  2. You could get some clip in color extensions so you can wear them whenever you want, but take them out around your parents and for the wedding.

  3. I think that the red highlight thing is a good idea. I know where I could get some henna....


  4. In exactly 6 months... these questions will be all Michael's problem. For now... your dad says... keep it NATURAL!

    Signed... your loving earthly father (mountain #1)... who was given to you by your loving Heavenly Father

  5. Sometimes for halloween they sell this liquid you can put in your hair that will dye it till you wash it again so you can have highlights just for a little while. :)


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