Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Postcard Brings Little Smiles

Good Morning Readers,

One of the first things I just couldn't wait to do this school year was send out postcards to my students. This is my very first year teaching, and most of these kids have never been to a preschool setting before. I got the idea of an introductory postcard from a teacher in college. 

I didn't even have to make my postcards (if only there was enough time for DIY). I found a handy set of 30 cards at wal-mart for a dollar! This set will last me a little more than three years worth of students! 

All I did was write a short little greeting and  stick on a small picture of myself. I tried to mail out most of the cards a week before school started so my students would feel more comfortable spending an entire day with a new teacher. 

I'll try and remember to share other tips and tricks I use this year. Of course a teacher never stops learning herself, so please share any ideas you have too!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ben and Jerry's

Good Morning Readers,

A while ago, Mike took me on a wonderful date to the Ben and Jerry's factory
These photo's are long overdue (honeymoon pictures even MORE overdue) but better late than never right?

The mountains in Vermont are gorgeous year round, especially after a thunderstorm.

The country wild flowers are also a very nice change from the abandoned flower pots on the sidewalks of Montreal. 

Of course a little sampling is in order during the tour...I didn't object and Mike got seconds!

I love how everything in the factory is cheesy/cartooney. 

Gag gifts...I would cry over spilled ice-cream. 

Scientifically correct cow mug...they DO have only 4 utters! 

Vintage Ben and Jerry's needle work... loved it!

Found this little guy crawling around outside. So fuzzy!

Yes, I have an obsession with pictures of my shoes...

Aw, aren't we cute!?

I could totally drive one of these to work every day. Does it "moo" when you honk though?

This makes me smile...

More ice-cream...why am I not surprised? 

And as a farewell picture, I give you Jack! Out little car antenna clown. 

He says "See you soon!"

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Build a Teacher

Hello Readers!
I know this post is a little late but I managed to get it in BEFORE the weekend was over. School starts tomorrow and I'm 50% nervous and 50% totally excited! I've already sent out some cutsey little postcards to my students this week but I haven't actually met all of them yet. Anyways, I wanted to show you some ideas I had posted on my "teacher" Pintrest board. 

So let's start with makeup. I needed something simple enough to do in the wee morning, and not too crazy so I don't scare the kids.

Hair is up next and I figured that I would look older and more "teacherly" with a cute bun. I don't want it super tight like a ballerina, but neat enough not to look frazzled!

So I'm thinking "outfit-wise" I'll be sporting a lot of maxi skirts. They're super cumfy, and I can move around in them and not worry about modesty. I love layers and betls and fun scarves to top things off. 

Small details really make an outfit so I'll be working in cool elbow pads, pretty lace, and vintage jewelry pins into my outfits. I love being slightly eccentric. 

That was a quicky guys! If you wanna see more of my teacher look ideas just click here

Gotta ring that school bell tomorrow! Night!

Friday, August 24, 2012

First Days

Good morning readers,

I've been soooo busy getting my preschool classroom ready that I've neglected the blog a little. But no worries! I have a weekend coming up so we can get all crafty again!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Too Good Not To Eat

I was browsing around Pintrest the other morning and found these scrumptious looking treats. 

Check out these birthday cake pancakes! Who wouldn't want an excuse to have dessert for breakfast?

One commented "I've been waiting for this recipe after seeing your photo on Instagram :) I think I can do this =) Thank you for sharing!!" on the Eton Mess Triffle

Fall is on it's way, so why not save this pumpkin bite recipe for a chilly afternoon?

I must have a thing for pancakes all of a sudden, because here's a baked raspberry pancake treat that is sure to make your mouth water. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Wedding Photos: part two

Good Morning Readers,

I hope that you're not all getting tired of these wedding posts. This should be the last "big wedding" post for a while. I miss crafty things and hope to stick a new crochet video up for you soon.

Here I am with my girls and grandma waiting for the ceremony to start. This is actually the room I'll be teaching in this fall.

I love my grandma and we're really close.

My mom and dad...looking beautiful and handsome!

My little ring bearer getting ready to walk... 

These were two sisters I had as flower girls. Their ordered dresses came in with a skirt long enough to fit me! They had them shortened and look so terribly sweet.

They paced themselves very well with their flower petals and emptied both their baskets right before stepping up on the platform.

I loooved my long train!

You can see my already turning red in this one...I hate how much I blush.

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Mr. and Mrs. Girr for the first time ever!
(my neck is still red in this one)

My brother and maid of honor/best friend

Mike's brother and sister 
(she's gorgeous)

Mike's oldest brother and my little cousin

Mom's cake topper

We had four flavors of cupcakes: chocolate, vanilla, banana/peanut butter, and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
Our cupcake girl found these cute chocolate wafers with doodled wedding couples.
It was a really nice touch.

I got cake all over my face. As far as I was an accident. 

I'll end with this photo of me accepting my cake face fate.
I'll be getting more pictures soon taken by my cousin. She has a very contemporary style and took our awesome engagement photos. You can see her photography blog here.

Until next time...bye bye!