Friday, August 17, 2012

Wedding Photos: part two

Good Morning Readers,

I hope that you're not all getting tired of these wedding posts. This should be the last "big wedding" post for a while. I miss crafty things and hope to stick a new crochet video up for you soon.

Here I am with my girls and grandma waiting for the ceremony to start. This is actually the room I'll be teaching in this fall.

I love my grandma and we're really close.

My mom and dad...looking beautiful and handsome!

My little ring bearer getting ready to walk... 

These were two sisters I had as flower girls. Their ordered dresses came in with a skirt long enough to fit me! They had them shortened and look so terribly sweet.

They paced themselves very well with their flower petals and emptied both their baskets right before stepping up on the platform.

I loooved my long train!

You can see my already turning red in this one...I hate how much I blush.

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Mr. and Mrs. Girr for the first time ever!
(my neck is still red in this one)

My brother and maid of honor/best friend

Mike's brother and sister 
(she's gorgeous)

Mike's oldest brother and my little cousin

Mom's cake topper

We had four flavors of cupcakes: chocolate, vanilla, banana/peanut butter, and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
Our cupcake girl found these cute chocolate wafers with doodled wedding couples.
It was a really nice touch.

I got cake all over my face. As far as I was an accident. 

I'll end with this photo of me accepting my cake face fate.
I'll be getting more pictures soon taken by my cousin. She has a very contemporary style and took our awesome engagement photos. You can see her photography blog here.

Until next time...bye bye!

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