Monday, August 27, 2012

Ben and Jerry's

Good Morning Readers,

A while ago, Mike took me on a wonderful date to the Ben and Jerry's factory
These photo's are long overdue (honeymoon pictures even MORE overdue) but better late than never right?

The mountains in Vermont are gorgeous year round, especially after a thunderstorm.

The country wild flowers are also a very nice change from the abandoned flower pots on the sidewalks of Montreal. 

Of course a little sampling is in order during the tour...I didn't object and Mike got seconds!

I love how everything in the factory is cheesy/cartooney. 

Gag gifts...I would cry over spilled ice-cream. 

Scientifically correct cow mug...they DO have only 4 utters! 

Vintage Ben and Jerry's needle work... loved it!

Found this little guy crawling around outside. So fuzzy!

Yes, I have an obsession with pictures of my shoes...

Aw, aren't we cute!?

I could totally drive one of these to work every day. Does it "moo" when you honk though?

This makes me smile...

More ice-cream...why am I not surprised? 

And as a farewell picture, I give you Jack! Out little car antenna clown. 

He says "See you soon!"

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