Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Postcard Brings Little Smiles

Good Morning Readers,

One of the first things I just couldn't wait to do this school year was send out postcards to my students. This is my very first year teaching, and most of these kids have never been to a preschool setting before. I got the idea of an introductory postcard from a teacher in college. 

I didn't even have to make my postcards (if only there was enough time for DIY). I found a handy set of 30 cards at wal-mart for a dollar! This set will last me a little more than three years worth of students! 

All I did was write a short little greeting and  stick on a small picture of myself. I tried to mail out most of the cards a week before school started so my students would feel more comfortable spending an entire day with a new teacher. 

I'll try and remember to share other tips and tricks I use this year. Of course a teacher never stops learning herself, so please share any ideas you have too!

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