Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ringing In My Ears

Good Sunday morning dear readers,

I promised to share some wedding stories with you, and so if there happens to be a bride-to-be reading along please take heed to my warnings! I’ve been there, done that, and gotten stressed all around!

About a week before the wedding I posted a photo of our wedding bands. What I didn’t post was the story behind them, particularly my wedding band. But I love suspense so I’ll make you read about Mike’s wedding band first.

I got a nice check back from my taxes about a year ago and ask my dad to put it away somewhere safe so I could buy Mike’s wedding ring. Well Christmas came along with all of its sales and “end of the year” deals and I found myself in a jewelry shop while on Christmas vacation in Chicago.  I had been scouting out rings for a few months now and finally found on simple but “gallant” enough for my groom. Luckily, the holiday discounts put the ring right in my budget. I called Mike, just to double check on his ring size, and bought the titanium thing that same day. Of course I had to politely refuse to buy my own wedding band again and again. I wanted to wait until Mike was with me but that sales lady was so pushy! Then after saying “no” for the last time she seemed as though I was more of a bother to her than a customer. 
Anyways, a few months later I was sitting on my bed gawking at sapphire wedding bands when it popped up on my screen. A gorgeous sapphire wedding band in white gold and white little white diamonds along the side. I feel totally in love with the ring and was psyched out when I saw its price tag was also in our range.  

So we, the unsuspecting happy couple, order the ring and await our wedding day with the best of hopes and dreams. The package arrives at my fiancĂ©e’s house and low and behold the ring they sent was green. Not blue, not blue-ish, but as green as the green pepper Mike sliced up for his omelet! Apparently Zales, yes I’ll give you the company name, decided that since they were out of stock of the sapphires, and didn’t bother to remove the ring from their website, they could send a green one and we dumb customers wouldn’t notice the difference. I’m sorry if that’s a little harsh, but when you’re less than 2 weeks away from your wedding and you haven’t got a ring to use a bride kinda freaks out. 

Zales assured us that they would send us a ring on the 25th, but our wedding was the 21st. 
I can’t tell you how upset I was. On top of all the stress of work, moving, planning, and other wedding drama…I didn’t have a ring to use for the wedding. I was crying my eyes out while sitting on my bed with Mom and Dad trying to comfort me while my brother could only come up with “It’s just a ring. Big deal.”

After going to my eye doctor appointment with bloodshot eyes (embarrassing), Dad took me shopping to the mall as a last ditch effort. He was my hero. 

After going into shop and shop and dealing with some very rude people, we found my wedding band. A simple white gold band with little diamonds. I tried it on before realizing it was a size too small, but after some elbow grease and Windex the ring came sliding off my finger. The sales lady assured me that she could have it sized in a day and would have it ready for my wedding. 

So, a warning to all future brides everywhere: order your rings way ahead of time and if your jewelry company fails you…write a blog post about it. 

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  1. Wow I really love all those rings! I think I would like to get personalized wedding bands when it's my turn to walk down the aisle. Thank you for sharing this with us!


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