Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yellow Dresses For My Girls

If you followed along with the wedding preparations, you may remember there being some drama with the bridesmaid dresses. The style I originally fell in love with was way out of any of our budgets, and the dresses we ordered turned out horribly. 

Maybe some other brides have had better luck with ordering dresses from China, but ours were the wrong color, improperly hemmed, and one girl never even got hers in the mail!

So I was thrown into a panic trying to find something yellow, affordable, and loved by all three girls. Many tried to get me off the “yellow boat” and said “just get grey” or tried to direct me to something I really didn’t want.

I politely but firmly stood my ground and continued to search for the prefect yellow dress. I had always daydreamed about my girls standing there by me in yellow and I just couldn’t give it up.
I stuck to my guns and was rewarded with these gorgeous yellow dresses. Don’t the girls look beautiful!?

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