Friday, June 3, 2011

Wedding DIY: Bouquets

Yay it's Friday!
Yesterday I promised to give you a sneak peek at my wedding bouquet.
If you remember back to this post, I was exploring the option of making my own "non-traditional" bouquet.
I'm known for my craftiness, and would just love to implement that into our wedding.
This first bouquet is an unfinished prototype, but I was bound and determined to show it to you whether it was complete or not.

First I made a bunch of white and yellow roses...
(tutorial here, or here)

(sorry I only have pictures of the white ones)
Then I used a whisk as my skeleton and glued on all my felt roses and leaves.

I have no idea why the white roses look blue in this picture.
Anyway, I was planning on decorating the handle with some ribbon and a big bow.
After a few discouraging words, this poor bouquet got tossed in the trash...
(don't worry)
(I saved it from doom)
I am planning on making two to three more bouquets so I can experiment with different fabrics.
It's more of a trial and error process, but I am learning along the way. 

Tell me, honestly...
What do you think of my felt bouquet?


  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!! Brittany! I absolutely LOOOOVVVVEE your felt bouquet! It's SO adorable! You should totally use it for your wedding!!! It would be so cute! :) You're so amazingly creative! I wish I lived closer so you could teach me! =D
    ~Rachel S.

  2. Hi .. (=
    the good thing in this bouquet is that you can keep it as much as you want .

    great idea , love it .

    keep trying till it work out

  3. I personally love it. And you should love it, too! So as long as that's the case I say go for it. Construction-wize it seems to be really well made and I LOVE LOVE LOVE untraditional bouquets like felt ones or enamel flower ones. : )


  4. I think this is a super sweet bouquet! I say walk down the aisle with that sweet thing!

  5. I think it's adorable! It'd be super cute to cover the handle with some pretty ribbon!!

  6. Looks great - how amazing to ahve a bouquet you made yourself! XX

  7. Love this idea...especially the colors! Another idea would be to do them all one color, but have a few different flower shapes.

    I also like fabric flowers that have a wire frame for the petals. Lots of fun shaping them however you like!

  8. Oh! Thanks for inviting me to take a look. I think it's really pretty and I love seeing people do something different than what's traditional. It might be cool to experiment with some rolled rosettes and some like this:

    Good luck!
    Cheri at I Am Momma


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