Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I'm in love with (part 1)

So while browsing one of my favorite blogs, Miss Indie, I came across this post featuring these sweet book covers!

This got me started and I soon found myself clicking and gawking at these beautiful images of vintage clothes and accessories.
Do you ever find yourself doing that?

I love this vintage lace dress.
I just wish that I had the figure to pull it off.

I love yellow
and I love elephants.
Who was the genius and put them both together?
I must know!

My feet would be so comfy happy in these loafers. 
Perhaps one day I will dedicate an entire blog post to these shoes.
They really are making a comeback in the fashion world.

I love this girl's style.
I love the mustard yellow hat
(I have one of my own)
and I love the color scheme of her whole outfit. 
I need to start saving these pictures for inspiration.
Maybe start an inspiration notebook?
Hmm...ideas ideas....

This is my hat. 


  1. lovely list! I'll take one of each. ;)

  2. Thank you for the nice post on my blog! It is a pleasure to follow your blog and I want to make sure others can see it to enjoy it as well :) Elle

  3. i love that hat! thanks for the link to 'miss indie.'



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