Friday, July 1, 2011

Things I'm in love with (part 2)

Hey Guys,

So this week I have really been buckling down with wedding plans. Lately I've been making some final decisions, spring cleaning through my creative files, and nailing down all the decoration ideas. Everything from the table centerpieces to the wedding programs has gotten my mind flying with non-stop ideas.
Who knew that planning "the big day" would be so much work?
I really needed to take a break and get inspired with wedding and non-wedding things. 
Care to join me?

I love this mirror.
It's so bright and happy and fairly simple to make.
Click here for the tutorial.

What a cute idea for the bride and groom's shoes.
Maybe I'll get some stickers and make my own little sayings.

I really really love this bridal hanger. 
Most photographers will take photos of the dress while the bride is busy getting ready.
I think that this would add a nice little touch.

These custom hangers have become very popular lately, but this is the first that I have seen with wood.
Very pretty.

These little cupcakes scream cuteness!
Despicable Me was hilarious, and I say these cupcakes do the movie justice.
Perfect for a kid's birthday party, but what I really feel in love with was the stand.

Sigh...just something pretty to look at.
Click here to see the tutorial when you're done gazing at this gorgeous picture.

Another really cute idea.
If I had enough time, patience, and energy...I would make these part of our wedding favors.
Click here for the tutorial.

I guess that's all for now.
If any of you know of some sweet wedding diy blogs then please leave a comment.
Have a great Friday!

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