Monday, July 25, 2011

How to: Beat Monday Morning "Ugh!"

* Notice *
I interrupt this Monday blog post to announce that "Miss Yellow Shoes" will not be posting every day until further notice.
I'm being pulled in all directions of my life by love, blogs, studies, work, crafts, and my excuse for a social life.
I want to make every post amazing and worth reading. So a new post will be published if the time and energy is available to make it worth your while.
*I now return you to your regular blogging program*

Let's be totally honest. Monday is the day we all dread the most and hate with a passion.
Monday marks the end of crafty (or lazy) weekends and the beginning of "the real world" work week.

How can you make your Mondays better?
Well here's what I do.

1. I wake up and think of something that make me really really happy right away.
Tackling a Monday is 90% attitude and 10% how much sleep you got last night.

2. I make myself feel good from the outside in.
Picking out a really cute outfit or trying a favorite hairstyle can boost my mood throughout the day.

3. Plan a treat for yourself.
This get's me through my day more than anything. If it's a planned phone call with my sweet fiancee or a thrifting trip after work, giving myself something to look forward to keeps me working hard. 

That's all for now Dear Readers.
I hope you can take this advice and boost your dreaded Mondays up to a Tuesday feeling.

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