Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back To School: Crafted Needs

One of the most excited adventures with "back to school" is the shopping trip.
You know what I'm talking about.
The one were you squeeze yourself into the crammed isles reaching and stretching to get those mechanical pencils, and that turquoise glitter notebook you just have for class? 
I can remember going shopping with Mom and seeing families pushing around carts full of erasers, glue sticks, and  markers. The stores were jelly jam packed with people and screaming kids.

Ahh...but now that we're creative crafters, we can make our own school supplies.

Let's start off with a low budget and inspiring tutorial from Omiyage.
I love how you can transform your typical orange pencil into something cute and pretty.
Wouldn't you wanna pull one of these babies out for quiz time?

And how adorable are these felt pencil toppers made by Melissa?
Soooo cute, every girl in your class with want one! 
(i heart felt crafts)

There are lots and lots of ways to personalize a notebook. 
You can glue on buttons, flowers, glitter, or follow this tutorial by Paisley Wallpaper who uses paper to jazz up a  daily planner. 

Again with the felt?
Yes.I really do love felt.
Family Fun came up with this simple tutorial for their "Book Blankets" last year.
I'm definitively going to give this one a shot!
(*hint hint*)
(a subscription to their magazine would be a great birthday/wedding/I just love you gift)

I find this last one to be super creative.
Packagery posted a tutorial on how to turn vintage library cards into little pocket sized notebooks. 
Not gonna lie...This makes me want to run through the library shelves, stealing all the cards that I can get my hands on before getting kicked out.

(insert mischievous grin here)

Oh! Don't go yet!
I made a pretty little August calendar for you to take home!
(featuring the back to school girl)
Just right click and save.

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