Saturday, July 9, 2011

Safety Pin...Not So Safe

I know that I already made a post today, but I just had to tell somebody!
So my poor little Charlie has not been getting a lot of love or attention lately so I decided to play with him and his favorite toy.
We were running around, chasing each other, and having a blast when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I knew that it must be the safety pin that was replacing the missing button on my skirt. 
I started to straighten up when I felt more pain. I couldn't look down because I was already getting nauseous from the thought of a needle inside me 
(a fear that goes a long ways back)
so I used my finger to feel what was going on.
I ran my finger along the safety pin until I felt skin.
"Ok, it just poked me...I'll just pull it out"
After about a minute of slow breathing
(I really do have a fear of needles)
I pulled out the safety pin and looked down to see 3 holes in my stomach.
Oh yes...
The safety pin had gone into my stomach...
and back in again.

I am now sewing on the missing button.


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