Saturday, July 2, 2011

What I've Been Up To

I honestly cannot believe that it's Saturday night already.
This week has just flown by and been packed with work, school errands, and doctor appointments.
I need to catch my breath!

(click on me to make me bigger)

So this week I had a breakthrough with my doodles.
I figured out how to make the eyes in correct proportion to the large heads. Now my drawings have more life and character in them.
My Dad also took us out to this sweet bagel place in St.Rose where I ordered vegetable cream soup, salad, and a pizza bagel. Soooo yummy!

(I could literally live off of bagels forever)

My afternoons were full of Psych classes and creativity. I had the time to crochet 4 flower pins, sew 1 Bible cover, and make 2 star garlands. Now I just need to finish studying for a test.

Mom and I got some of our wedding ideas organized today. 
I think that we'll be using small potted plants as centerpieces and favors for the reception.
Little yellow daisies or pansies would be perfect.
Double duty flowers also makes a happy little budget!

Oh, and did I ever show you my gorgeous engagement ring?
Wanna see it again???
Of course you do!

The claddagh ring was the promise he gave to me a few years ago when we were separate by distance.
The engagement ring follows along with the heart theme and has a beautiful blue sapphire in the middle. 
I love it so much and I catch myself dreamily looking at it several times a day.

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