Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Engagement Story

The Monday right after Christmas, Mike took me on our best date ever. 
We went ice-skating. I know that may sound rather simple to some girls who always picture themselves going out to dinner at a nice place, then some other random activity...but I find joy in the smallest and simplest of things.
Ice-skating is one of them. In's just about my favorite thing ever!
So we went ice-skating, and have a lovely time except for the part where I landed on my knee...on the ice...ouch...
Mike was taking a bunch of pictures which is rather unusual for him because he's rather camera shy. After about an hour and a half of holding hands while gliding across the ice, we decided it was time to go. 
We took off our skates and left the rink to wait for our ride outside. Mike spotted a bench not too far off so we braved the knee deep snow and the cold as we climbed up to the bench. 
A pile of snow has made the bench it's home, but that was no obstacle for Mike and his gloves. We sat, chatting a bit, for a few minutes when Mike began telling me how much he loved me. He made a sweet speech and reached into his pocket as he knelt down in front on me (in the snow)!
Then he pulled out the most gorgeous ring I've ever seen and ask me to marry him. I started crying and don't even remember if I was able to blubber out "yes".
We quickly took a few pictures and afterwards he picked me up and twirled me around like a little girl. 
It was so perfect, and I'm pretty sure I was still glowing the next day!

Current plans are to set the date in the summer of 2012!!!!

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