Sunday, January 23, 2011

DIY Blog Clip-art

In my last blog post I used this image..

Would you like a tutorial on how to make your own?
Well lucky You, that's what this post is!

First, sketch your image with a blank sheet of paper (the notebook paper with lines won't do the job).
Try not to fill in anything. Remember you'll be adding color in later so there isn't much need for shading
Next, take a picture. Make sure your camera is directly over your sketch or else you'll get some funny angles in your final piece. 

Now upload your picture to Picnik or you can also use photoshop if you like. 
Brighten up your picture like this, making sure not to make your black lines disappear. 

Now use the "doodle" in picnik to add color to your image. The possibilities are endless here so have fun!

I added a little thought bubble to mine. You can do that with the "stickers" in picnik. 
The last step is to save your image to your computer and then upload it to your blog!

This is another one that I made today...


  1. These are great and super cute. I'm going to try it for sure! Thanks

  2. she is cute as a button! i love her! thank you for shearing! i am going to start my own doodles of crafty girls. :)


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