Sunday, January 2, 2011

I heart braids

I've always adored long flowing hair, especially when it's in a pretty braid...

If you're anything like me, a great hairstyles come with it's own challenge.
So, I've rounded up a few helpful links with the most popular braiding techniques. 

How to french braid your own hair. 
(click the image)

Learn the fishtail/bohemian braid

And lastly, click the image to learn how to do a braided/twisted updo.

Here are a few other helpful links I found while researching...

Don't just stop once the elastic is in place.
 Make your hair extra cute by adding accessories...

Butterfly Clips?!?!


Or bows

However you wear your braid and whatever length your hair is, make it special and unique in your own way.

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  1. i love that braid in the top picture! i wish my hair was thick enough to pull it off.


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