Friday, July 29, 2011

Back To School: Hairdos

Can you believe that it's already the end of July? It feels like we just got started with parades and fireworks!
I'm sure September will be here before we all know it so let's just get a heads up on the "Back to School" fever.

We all need a good hairstyle for that very important "first day of school" but I'm really looking for something that I can whip up every morning and not get the "I'm tired of this" feeling. 

I am so so thankful that messy hair is in style. Most mornings you can find me rushing off to class, with an elastic in hand, trying desperately to tame the mess living on top of my head.  Keiko Lynn made a cute little tutorial for a messy bun that you just have to check out. 
I'll be using this one quite often.

Now that my hair is long enough, I can't wait to give this 'braided do' tutorial a spin.
I'm sure that more time and effort will have to be put into this hairstyle, but look at oh how pretty it is!

As if you crafty bloggers already didn't know, Skunkboy Creatures has made a sweet 'rag roll' tutorial that's become a big hit.
To be perfectly honest, this hairstyle takes a lot of practice to get just right. 
With enough time and patience, you're locks could look like this too!

Slightly more complicated, but well worth the effort is this 'side-french-updo' by Maegan.
Again, this hairstyle will steal more time away from my morning routine but totally beats the every day pony tail by a long-shot!

If you've got the guts,
 and a cooperative school's rule book,
IF my school would allow it
and IF I wasn't getting married soon
I would tried this one out weeks ago.

If you want more pretty hairstyles for school then click here to see another hairstyle post I made a while back.

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