Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding Theme...Check

Hooray for another wedding post!
I wanted to share with you all how things where coming along so this post will be introducing our wedding theme.
I won't lie. Choosing a theme was very difficult.
We thought about a vintage theme, a picnic theme, a creative crafter theme, but when finally decided on a the garden wedding theme.
This may not be as original or creative as it could have been, but I feel that if we really knock the ball out of the park then our wedding day will be perfect.

My grandmother was kind enough to give me a beautiful bird cage for people to put their cards in, and this little guy here will be sure to bring a smile to our guest.

I was thrilled when I scored these miniature gardening tools at an antique shop!
I'll be using them to decorate our table centerpieces.
Now I'm on the hunt for miniature gnomes....

I've been inspired by Elycia to doodle pictures for cards and order of ceremony booklets.
This is the doodle that I will be using for the bridesmaid cards.
Should I draw a garden background to go along with the theme?
What do you think?

source unknown

As for the dress?
Well...that must remain top secret as you all know, but I do very much like the one of the right...

So there's a little sneak peekeroo and our wedding plans so far.
I will have more to share next week after a few wedding meetings and errands down in Vermont.

Until tomorrow...


  1. I love it all. You have really thought it out well and it will be different and very fun. I also love this picture of you right above the comments! Susan Jones Nathan's mom

  2. Oh by the way I have some more pictures of Mike on my facebook page. Have you seen them? One is right before he got dressed for graduation and the other are him shaving. He looks so different than the cute guy I met at the wedding. Susan Jones

  3. aw a garden themed wedding will b so cute brit!~mary

  4. You should find a nice background photo and place your illustration over it. Maybe a photo of a garden since your wedding is garden themed!


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