Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to School: Style

Hello Readers,
Remember that first day of school? I mean the very first day?
The day your Mom brushed your hair into little pigtails and tied on pink ribbons? The day you proudly put on your brand spanking new backpack and walked out the door?
You looked pretty sharp didn't you?
Wouldn't it be nice to  look and feel that confident this school year?
The confidence is up to you, but keep on reading this blog post for some back to school style tips.

Say your on a budget and need to diy some of your clothes into a fresh look. Try this cute tutorial by Luzia. You may need to hit the "translate" button for this. 

Maybe your a bracelet girl and you're not so into the silly bands. Maybe this friendship bracelet tutorial by Michael is just the thing you start a new trend?!

Forget the paper bag and use less paper with one of these cute lunch boxes. 

Now there are two areas in style where you can never go wrong.
Dresses and scarves.
Light, flowy dresses are not only super cute, but really comfortable to wear all day at school.
You can buy top notch dresses from Modcloth or Oldnavy, or you can hit the local goodwill and keep your budget happy. Add a little cardigan and you're ready to head out the door.

A light scarf remains one of my favorite accessories. Its something small that can be stuffed into a purse and yanked out when the weather gets a little chilly.
Luckily, silk and cottons scarfs are cool and warm enough to wear summer through fall. 

Then there are girls out there, like me, who have a bagillion different colors of tights/nylons and have no idea how to wear them with their wardrobe. 
Lucky you.
Elycia made an easy to follow tutorial just for this sort of dilemma. 
I honestly love just about everything she comes up with.

So that's all for today dear readers.
If you're looking for more inspiration then I suggest browsing we heart it or your favorite style blogs. 
Let me know what you find! I love trying new things!


  1. Hey, Brittany! So what kind of shoes would you suggest for knee socks paired with a knee length jean skirt?

  2. I adore those scarves! You are so fun. fun stuff.

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  3. Great website! Nice freebies, wonderfull tuts. Check my blog if you like for more wonderfull freebies!


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