Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wedding Card Book DIY

Sigh, what to do? What to do with all of those beautiful wedding cards?
The ceremony is over. You've returned from your fabulous honeymoon and you find over a hundred cards waiting for you on the counter.
Here's a simple solution for the sentimental girl, turn them into a keepsake book. 
No, you won't pull it off your self every day. But once in a while you'll find yourself browsing through the little notes and be glad that you kept them. 
You'll need:

-hole punch
-ribbon (your wedding color perhaps)

Step one is to punch two or more holes in the cards. To make sure all of my cards lined up correctly, I used one card as my master. I slid one card at a time under the master card before I punched the holes. 

Some cards are very thick. You'll either need a lot of elbow grease to get the punch through, or try to punch one layer at a time. This particular card was lightly glued together. I was able to lift one layer at a time and punch through with no difficulty. 

What about those tini tiny cards you ask? Just punch a hole in the middle of the card and they'll be just as dandy.

Is your hand sore yet? 
No worries, we're jumping right into the fun step.

When you start "sewing" everything together, do not thread one set of holes at a time. This will only cause you great headache.

Threading both sets of holes at the same time keeps all of your cards neatly stacked while you work. 
So much easier and much friendlier to you as the busy new wife.

Here's a photo of one of the smaller cards in the stack.

Of course you've set aside your favorite card while "sewing" everything together. And now it the time to add it to the top of the stack. This card will act as your cover so make sure it's beautiful!

Tie a double knot loose enough to flip through the cards but tight enough to hold everything together.

Once you have your bows at the proper tightness, burn the edges of the ribbon just a tad with a candle. 
This will keep the ribbon from falling apart.

Congratulations you little crafty wife!
Be sure to store this little treasure with your wedding album.


  1. I wish I would of seen this before I threw mine out! Very nice :)

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