Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blog Feature

Hello Readers and Happy Sunday!
I'm back from my crazy crazy week with a special blog feature.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...(drum roll)


Question one: What inspired you to write your first blog entry?
I dabbled in blogging several years ago but I was young and foolish then. After getting into DIY and making my own clothes I met Addie (, and her wonderful blog inspired me to start my own. My original plan was to have a fashion blog and it eventually developed more into a photography and sewing blog.

Question two: Where do you get your unique clothing ideas?
All over the place. I’m inspired by photographs, images of nature or of times gone by, I make my clothes to suit a season or a feeling. I’m also inspired by current trends, I love to twist them around and make them my own. Not least I’m inspired by fellow fashion bloggers and crafters.

Question Three: What is your favorite creation made by you?
My favourite item so far is my navy circle skirt (pictured above). I was inspired by a leather skirt I saw in Zara and the fabric was the last of a roll of a rough silk. When I was making it I was afraid it looked like a generic school skirt with the sections but after it was done it fit perfectly and it’s very versatile, I wear it all the time!

Question Four: Tell us something we might not know by looking at you.
I’m actually a Chemistry student. In real life I’m a massive science nerd, I don’t spend all that much time creating clothes, I save that for my holidays.

Question Five: Do you always feel 100% confident when walking down the street?
I’d be lying if I said yes. Sometimes I make false judgements about what I feel comfortable in and end up regretting an outfit all day. I tend to get glances for passersby but most often I don’t mind standing out a little, who wants to be one in a crowd anyway?

Question six:  Who is your hero?
This is a difficult question because I don’t base my life around one idol; I merely take inspiration from those that excel in their field. Although, I wouldn’t mind travelling with the doctor...

Thank you Veronika for giving us an interview!
You can find out more about this crafty girl on...

See you tomorrow!!!!

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