Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIY- Felt Rose Hair-clip

I think that it's high time for another Miss Yellow Shoes DIY don't you?
Today I'm going to show you how to make a simple hair-clip using felt 
(one of my favorite fabrics).

You will need...
- two colors of felt
- one hair-clip
- one drinking cup
- pen
- scissors
-elmers glue

First, use the mouth of your cup to trace one big circle on one color of felt.
Then use the bottom to trace a smaller circle on your second color of felt.

Cut out your circles.
Then, by cutting in a spiral, work you way from the outside into the center of your circle.
*hint- don't cut your spiral too thin
less (cutting) is more

Repeat step three with your second circle and you will have something looking much like picture four.
Now again, working from the outside in, twist and twirl your spiral into a rose shape.
(refer to image if necessary)

Use elmers glue to seal the last few twirls of your rose.

Repeat steps five and six with your second rose.
(are your fingers sticky yet?)

Now cut out a small rectangle of felt and glue it onto your hair-clip.
Next apply more glue to the top of the rectangle so your roses have something to help them stick.
*hint- make sure that the clip is closed while drying
this will keep the roses close together without any gaps

Extra Ideas
- make bigger circles to make roses with a bolder statement
- glue roses onto a headband with ribbon
- sew a safety pin on the back to turn the rose into a brooch
-glue roses onto your backpack with a hot-glue-gun

These roses take hardly any time to make and can be used as an embellishment for almost anything!

See my tutorial in Cut out and Keep!

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