Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I dream of blythe

You know,
Even if they say "it's a man's world out there", I find that being a woman has several advantages. One being that we can display stuffed animals and dolls on our desks without looking like a nerd. :-)

We all played with dolls when we were little. Some of us had the cabbage patch doll with the yarn hair, others  had rich grandmothers who bought them an american girl doll.
Now, a different doll has been capturing our attention...
the Blythe doll.

Did you know that "Every year there is an Annual Blythe Charity Fashion Show in Tokyo, where leading designers from around the world create tiny versions of their outfits for Blythe to wear as she is carried down the runway by white-glove-wearing models." -source

This doll here is on my wishlist, but with a price-tag of $165...it may be a while before she shows up at my front door.
In the mean time click here to download some Blythe wallpaper, and here to see Blythe with...
get this...
Johnny Depp!

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