Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding- Bride Bouquet DIY 2

Oh Hello There!
Back for MORE wedding posts?
Today I'll be featuring another bridal bouquet (also by

Isn't it pretty?
This bouquet is a little simpler than yesterday's but still totally gorgeous!
Here's the teaser...

Fabric flowers & assorted flower hair-clips (I would have loved fresh flowers but I wanted to have something I could keep forever)
Cotton twine
A few scraps of wool
An egg beater/whisk (as you can imagine, it was such a ‘light-bulb’ moment when I thought of using it for the stem!)
Step 1:
Hold on to the whisk as shown on the image and with a little force, try to deform it into a oval/circular shape. You can use tiny wires or something to tie on the criss-cross parts to keep them stay in shape if you need to.
Step 2:
Stuff the scraps of wool inside in whisk. This will help form the shape of the bouquet.
Can you believe you’re almost done? I told you it was easy!
Click here for the rest of this easy tutorial.
This week is all about weddings so be sure to stop on by tomorrow!

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