Thursday, May 26, 2011

Put on ur yoga!

Honestly, I used to think that people who did yoga were weeeird.
What was up with that "find your center" "become the grasshopper"
But once I tried the different poses, stretching and pulling my muscles, I found that yoga can be quite enjoyable. In fact, its my favorite part of my workout!

Every night, I roll out my blue yoga mat and do up to 200 crunches. 
Nope, that wasn't a typo. I really do 200 crunches every night. After a few push-ups and squats I curl up into a little ball and start my yoga routine. 
I recently downloaded a yoga app for my iPhone so I could learn new poses.

Did you know?
 Yoga not only helps with flexibility, but also tones all the muscles in your body.
Yoga was designed to "quiet the mind", something we all could use once in a while.
Yoga can help relieve muscle pain and reduce stress levels.

Here's a cute printout you can use to jump-start your own yoga routine!

Just for the record, yoga really isn't as hard or wimpy as it looks.
The majority of beginner poses are simple but take calm breathing and concentration.
You have to feel your muscles working and stretching to know that you're doing it just right.


  1. I am an addict now. I always thought it was sort of dumb.. and LOVED Pilates. I felt like Yoga didn't give me a really good workout.. but its not about that. and once I figured out what it is about.. at least to me.. i became obsessed. If I were religious.. I would have to say its my religion. It just makes me feel so good about life. :)

  2. Might just give this a go thanks for the yoga pics =)


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