Monday, July 19, 2010

Chinatown FUN

Hey guys,
Hope you're all having a fabulous Monday! 
I had the opportunity to visit Chinatown here in Montreal Canada with my awesome boyfriend Mike. I wanted to share a little snippet of this experience with all of you. 

This is Mike on the Metro "train/bus" on our way to the heart of Montreal.

We had a delicious lunch at a real Chinese restaurant. So good! mouth is watering...

Mike ordered a stuffed crab claw, and this is what came out of the kitchen doors. It was...interesting...

Don't ask me what that is. I have no clue.

This, lovely little gem, is dragon fruit. Looks a little scary on the outside, but tastes like a grape on the inside.

First bite!

He wasn't so sure...

Nom nom nom!

"Eh, not so bad I guess."

What an awesome day. After we went home to eat homemade pizza and cinnamon rolls while watching a movie together. I love having him with me. Long distance relationships are hard, but if both sides love each other and work hard, the relationship can be stronger than ordinary ones.
Besides, not having him around makes every moment I do have with him that much more special. We take not one moment together for granted. Every minute with him is a blessing and wonderful treat!

Sigh...I can't wait until the next time I see his smiling face....

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