Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Invitations by Robin

Last Saturday was like Christmas all over again.
I received notice that a package had arrived for me at the post office. My daddy ordered me some new shoes, but it seemed too soon for them to arrive. The mail man handed me a package that was much too small and thin to be shoes, and I started at the Vermont return address puzzled...then the wrinkles on my forehead turned into an exclamation of joy!

Mike's mother has offered to DIY our wedding invitations, and the package I found myself clutching tightly while skipping back to my dorm held the samples. I spread them all over my bed as my roommate and I gawked over the delicate flowers, and gorgeous colors of the paper. The textures were amazing and Mike and I had a very difficult time picking out "the one."

Mrs.Girr did an amazing job with all of the invitations. They fit out theme perfectly and looked gorgeous. In the end, Mike and I decided on this long/thin invitation. The invitation part itself is inserted into a cute little holder decorated with yellow flowers. The invitation is formal but also really fun with the yellow poofy flowers.

I am so blessed to have a mother in law talented enough and willing to make these for us. I would never have the time to DIY my own, and I doubt I could make them look as lovely as these. 

Here is a picture of us from Mother's Day last year and one from Mike's college graduation party. Isn't her smile just gorgeous?!

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