Friday, February 3, 2012

Something Old. Something New

I'm not sure about how your week went, but I was swamped! There was always one more paper to write or one more chapter to read. I was studying my brains out, and sketching ideas for projects until my fingers hurt. 

Is graduation here yet?

Needless to say, my date night with Mike was much needed. We attended a Vespers together here on campus and I got all dressed up. I wore a lace dress that I bought especially for Mike's college graduation last May. I haven't worn it since so it was still "new". I wore a pink cami underneath and two necklaces. One, is my heart necklace that Mike gave me the first time he said "I love you" and the second was a cute owl necklace I picked up over break. It was a little chilly so I grabbed one of my black scarves from China and used it as a shawl. 

I felt beautiful. Something I don't let myself feel very often.

Today was also very exciting because I played my first soccer game ever!

My society was looking for girls and I volunteered. I warned them that I was terrible at running, dribbling, and any other sort of movement but said that I had a happy spirit!

They took me, and helped me not look like an idiot out there on the field. I was super pumped for our first game tonight and the jersey made me feel awesome. I wasn't perfect out there by any means...but I worked hard and didn't give up. We won 9-1 and I can't wait to play again! 

So tell me...have you tried anything new this year? What about the same old same old that brings us all a little comfort? 
Whatcha'll been up to?

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