Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crochet Therapy

Good Sunday afternoon dear readers,

I was just doing some laundry and felt like doing another blog post, particularly about that I do when I really REALLY need to relax. 
This week has been tough. I had several exams, quizzes, and just the day to day homework assignments. Senior year is really rough and I've had to take some breaks here and there to stop my brain from frying itself. 

When I need a break tend to do one of these five things...

1. Take a nap
2. Read a novel
3. Doodle
4. Call Mike
5. Crochet

Well, to get a good nap in I need at least 45 minutes. Since I don't always have that amount of time to spare, I'll pick up a book and read a few chapters. I just finished reading The Inheritance, and started a new book by one of my favorite authors Shannon Hale. It's called River Secrets and it seems to be told from the point of view of a bystander.  

If I'm really stressed out then I'll doodle a little something. I prefer using a pencil, but will use whatever is handy if I'm desperate. I've been known to doodle on the back of my scantrons and quiz sheets. It just really helps me to relax and not think of anything but my drawing. 

If I can, I'll call Mike up for a little chat. Just the sound of his voice makes me feel lighter. Of course, since he's not always available for me to last weapon of relaxation is my crocheting hook.

I know that I've mentioned it before, but there's just something about the feeling of the yarn in between my fingers that's so relaxing. Sometimes I crochet something for myself, such as a coffee mug cozie, or hat, and something I'll make something for Mike or one of my other friends. 

Lately, I've been able to make and sell some cowls to a teacher and classmates. Not only does the crocheting relax me, but it brings in just a little extra cash that I know Mike and I will need this summer after we get married. 

So what do you do when you really REALLY need a quick break? Feel free to share in the comments bellow. 

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