Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two Easter Themed Tutorials

I decided this morning to post two Easter themed crafts. Sometimes we find ourselves with loads of time and can take on any project our hearts desire. Other times, well, we have no time but still have to satisfy that crafty itch. You know what I'm talking about?

First up is a quicky tutorial made by Modern Parents Messy Kids. They have a bunch of fun Easter ideas, but this one was a favorite. I love paint chip crafts. The things that people come up with blow my mind. I must admit that I always fear picking up a bagillion paint chips from the store. 
I just know that the one time I start collecting my colors some worker will walk up behind me and say "Hey, can I help you?" ..."" 

I love these paint dipped baskets by Martha Stewart. I'm not sure how much of these ideas are her own. I can be pretty sure that if her name is stamped on it, it's pretty "legit" as some of my friends would say. If you happen to be a Pintrest addict like me, you can  follow Martha here and get even more creative inspirations. 

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