Thursday, April 19, 2012

My New Classroom: Sneak Peek!

Happy Thursday morning readers!

I told you in my post yesterday that Mike and I had job interviews in Vermont last weekend. If I ever had any advice for anyone going interview it would be this...

1. Dress comfortably but professionally. You'll feel nervous enough without that annoying tag scratching the back of your neck.
2. Thank them for the interview. Hey! They're busy people too and they'are making time for YOU!
3. Write down your questions. Every employer wants to know that you're interested and knowledgeable in your field. You can show them this by asking good questions. And don't just think of them, write them down or else you'll go blank like I did.

So since most of my big projects are turned in, and the last mountain I have to climb is finals...I find myself with some spare time. Instead of just "chilling" or wandering around town I've decided to prepare for the next school year. I checked out the curriculum I'll be using and I've already got lots of fun ideas!

I would love to take pictures of some of the things I've already made to show you. 
I'm lucky enough to have 5 bulletin boards in my classroom. Some teachers might consider that a nightmare, but I'm so psyched!

I can't wait to make this room my own. At the moment, it seems like a blank slate ready for me to write on. I want to keep the room simple, fun, and educational. I think that every little thing I stick on the wall should serve a purpose AND look good too. 

One of the first things I'll do in this room is create a book corner. Currently, the books are in a bin on a shelf next to all of the other toys. I want the books to be considered special treasures. I'll make a cute little corner away from all the noise and chaos where my students can read and explore the pages of a great book.

The curriculum I'll be using already has a mascot for my room. I'm not the biggest fan of cats (sorry!) and would rather have an owl as my mascot. I'm sure that I'll grow to love my cat Barnabas though....

The whole theme of my classroom is the barn and the animals that live inside. I've already begun looking up songs and poems to use every day with my kids. Just a few more days until graduation...then the wedding....then I can start my dream career!

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  1. I love your enthusiasm and creativity! Praying for you!


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