Monday, April 30, 2012

My Sharpie Confession...

I'm beginning to confess a lot of things here on the blog...maybe I could make it a weekly blog post or something? sharpie confession is that I draw on myself. I used to just draw on my foot or my leg where no one would see. But now I've started drawing on my wrist and have actually had people stop me, pull on my arm and ask "Is that real!?"
I would never get a real tattoo. First off, I have Biblical reasons that I won't get into because everyone has to have their own standards on this issue but secondly because I'm scared to death of needles!

So here's a short little history of the "sharpie tattoos" I've drawn on my wrist the past couple of weeks. I could give you all a little tutorial on it if you're interested enough. Just leave a little comment below!

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