Friday, April 20, 2012

Bracelet Crazy

Anyone who knows me really well knows that I don't like to wear a lot of jewelry. On a typical day you can find me "adorned" with my engagement ring, my heart necklace, and that's it! This makes shopping for Valentine or Christmas gifts extra hard to Mike. He can't just waltz over to the jewelry store and pick out something shiny. I would never replace my heart necklace or wear more than two rings at a time.
Accessories seemed to scare me. Hats are fun, scarves are pretty, but I guess that I'm just nervous I'll mess up and look like a walking Icing store.

But recently, Mike and I were in a shop and I spotted these cool bracelets. It was a set of 5 small beaded bracelets connected into one big bracelet. Each glass bead was so colorful, and I knew that my K-5 kids would love them. Since I bought the bracelets, I've found myself hunting for more strings of beads or watches to layer on my wrist. I love all the colors and how each bead is unique. Maybe it's just a fad and I'll get over it in a few weeks, or maybe this is my new thing. 

Do you ever go through random fads? 

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