Monday, April 23, 2012

Pintrest Share Week : Preschool

Good morning readers,
This is my last week of classes!!! It's going to be pretty crazy getting all of those last minute things done and cramming for all of those finals, so I'm scheduling 5 days of Pintrest Posts this week.

I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite things from 5 of my favorite boards.
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Here are some of my favorite things from my Preschool Board.

This is such a neat craft that would totally work in a bug themed week! I love using music in the classroom, and this little spider craft would excited the children to sing the song at home with their families. I love activities that all "match" or go together. I could use this after reading Charlotte's Web or after teaching the children about insects. 

I love these masks but I especially love them because you don't have to cut out those tricky eye holes. The kids can imaging that they are different animals and use their entire face pretend. I could use this during a zoo themed week, or farm animal themed week, or domestic pet themed week.

Yay for organizing my life! The kids can use these to store notebooks, pictures, or certificates and keep them all in one place. No more scrunching everything inside a backpack. Just use the organizer, use a folder to transport from school to home, and voila! I just removed some stress from my day. I love the idea of using the kid's pictures, but I would also stick their name on the side too. 

*hint-you can make these from cereal boxes for free

I really hope that I can find a way to include this maze in my curriculum. The maze could teach my students about gravity and cause and effect.We could build it together and everyone could have one piece that they paint in art class. Once it's all assembled we can predict what we think will happen to the ball. What if we used different kinds of balls? What if we tipped the maze in another direction? So many learning opportunities!

So there's a little snippet of the cool teaching things one can find on Pintrest. Have any of you found anything super cool you just HAVE to share? Leave me a comment on the blog! I love comment!

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