Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Camping Theme in K-5

Happy Wednesday!
Sorry I've been out for so long. Mike and I both an interviews this weekend that we had to fly to. The job is looking like a pretty good possibility. We would be teaching junior high and I would have my own 3 year old preschool classroom! Anyways, I wanted to share pictures from my student teaching this morning. Because of all the legal issues, I can't post any picture of the kids themselves...but Here are some sweet hats that we made!

We had a camping theme going on this week, so Jessica (pictured above) and I read books and came up with this craft for the kids. We even made mini hats for the puppets. The hats are made to resemble a camp fire with marshmallows on a stick. I will admit...the craft was a slight disaster with kids flinging their cotton balls all over creation and "my glue doesn't work teacher!!!!"
Aahh....but it was soon all over and we had a bunch of a adorable kids in silly camping hats.

OK, OK...
Maybe we had some little "adults" in the hats too.

P.S. Here's my new mascot for my classroom next year! His name is Barnabas.

I think he's a cutey!!!

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