Monday, March 29, 2010

How I Personalized My Dorm Room

Put pictures up of loved ones on the wall with sticky tack. Don’t just place them all in a neat row, get creative. Organize them by color, arrange them in words or a fun shape, and even use them to frame a window or mirror.
Shelves…get them. They will come in handy when you need a place to stick all your textbooks and what not. Try to get some fun colors to brighten up the place, or organize all your books by color on the shelves (this makes them easier to find too).
*tip- you can make shelves quickly and cheaply by stacking crate boxes on top of each other.
Put up Christmas lights to add lighting at night or early in the morning. I don’t recommend the flashing ones, they tend to get rather annoying after a day or two.
Sticky hooks, you can find these at wal-mart or any other hardware store. These hooks are not permanent so most colleges won’t have a problem with them. They can be used to hanging bangs, hats, scarves, and Christmas lights.
I love to decorate my mirrors for the seasons with my white board markers. They ink washes right off with water or Windex. This is my ultimate creativity tip for any dorm or bed room.
Not allowed to paint but want fun wall decals? Use cardboard or construction paper cut into fun shapes, then sticky tack them to the wall. You can do a wide range of things, and any size! I saw one room where they made a garden theme with trees, plants, birds, and flowers. So pretty.

So that’s it for now guys. I’ve used these tips and tricks in my own room and get lots of complements when people come over to visit. 

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