Friday, March 5, 2010

Massive Update

Ok, so I finally got my laptop fixed and figured that it was time for a massive update!
I'll make it short and sweet; you can read about the last few weeks in the picture captions.

This is my best friend Jenni. I've written about her a few times before. Here we are in math class right before taking a test. We get a little hyper sometimes.

I think that she's trying to show off her yellow nail polish....
She has such pretty eyes...

This is us after winning a few games in our society. We had an Olympic theme and won "paper" medals. yay!

The games consisted of hockey, four corners, and, in this game, I had to feed Jenni a banana while blindfolded.

Like I said, I finally got my computer fixed. One of the screws that is essential in holding my screen on got loose. Mike ordered a new one for me but before it got here I found the missing little piece.
This is my friend Jesse; he was kind enough to put it all back together again for me.
I think I'll buy him a coffee as a thank you...

One of the side effects to having your computer screen fall halfway off.

My roommate, and former roommate, sang in chapel on Wednesday. They have such beautiful voices...

I took these pictures quite a while ago; and I just got around to actually editing them and uploading them to the blog...

Jenni and I again...
We're pretty much like sisters.
We're complete opposites in most areas, but totally understand each other like non-other.
This is a friend that I'm keeping for life.

Rodeo Day at Northland.
We all dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls, had a jolly o'l time.

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