Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Decorations- Part 4

Using pine cones to decorate your home during the holidays is a beautiful way to welcome guests. Nature produces cones with unique beauty that may be used for various adornments throughout your home. One of the most beautiful and versatile of all plant materials, pinecones can be scented, painted or varnished and used or creating crafts, floral designs, decorations, and wreaths. They can be used inside or outside.

For a fun family outing with the kids, go out in search of pine cones. Then, after bringing them home, it is best to clean them well to remove all the bugs and dirt that they have collected. Conditioning them in the oven can do this. You don't have to do it, but heating them first melts the sap and as a result adds a nice glaze to the pinecones. Also, pinecones that are not opened will open in the heat. However, if you use them to decorate outside your home, and your climate is humid or wet, the cones may close again. Use an old cookie sheet or cover a sheet with foil. Place the pinecones on it and put it in oven. Bake them at about 200 ° until the sap is melted and the pinecones are open. Test first with one pinecone to get the right temperature. As an added bonus, your house will smell wonderful!

Now, here is a little inspiration for you!

Now come's my favorite part! Let's learn a craft together! And I know just what we should make...

I love these cute little pine cones, and they really aren't that difficult to make.
Just sew some little yoyo's and stuff them with cotton or whatever you wish. Then secure them to your pine cone with a hot glue gun. To make them stand up you can either make a little ring around the bottom with a pine cleaner, or you can just just about anything that is ring shaped. You can also use these pretty pine cones to make a wreath or attach a ribbon for Christmas ornaments. 

I am so excited about Christmas, and if you're a crafter like me, now is the time to start making those handmade gifts you're famous for! Christmas will be upon us before you know it.

Have a stress free Friday :-)

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  1. Awesome!!!!! The pinecone topper is great!! now I need pinecones lolol


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