Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Friends got Engaged!

My friends got engaged over Thanksgiving break! It was so sweet and he totally surprised her!
He even took her ring shopping a few hours before he asked her (the ring was in his pocket the whole time) then he took her out to eat and finished up with a lovely walk. 
He stopped by the Christmas tree and sang a song to her that he wrote himself, and at the end he got down on one knee asking her to marry him! 
Soo Sweet...

I just had to share some of their pictures with you.

Gorgeous ring too!

And this just makes me sigh!
I've searched online and through friends photo albums for couple picture ideas...this one takes the cake and as much as I would like to replicate it on my own with Mike...I don't think it would do this picture justice.

Nate and Rachel!

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